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For Your Home: A Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear

For a second I thought that the bear was real until I took a closer look that is.  Visit this cool etsy shop here! And what’s even better is that they are based in Hong Kong where I’m from! : )

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To my love …


By Roll & Tumble Press over at

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Rainy Days in the City



Sometimes … we just need to stop and look because we often forget how beautiful our surroundings can be.

Pictures taken on my iPhone.

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NYC: Ralph Pucci 12th Floor

Today we visited the Pucci Gallery in New York.  The place was absolutely stunning … every piece is elegant, timeless, and so well made. I think Ralph Pucci is actually famous for their mannequins but we didn’t get to see any today which is a shame but I’ll be going back in December when they have them on display!


The first thing I noticed was the bright red wall and Manuel Geernick’s installation.  All the pieces are stapled and pinned up with push pins but together it looks really interesting.


They had such a beautiful space … and don’t you just love that lamp?


I love the combination of the mustard colored chair and the Bauhaus themed carpet.  The carpet is so beautiful it could easily be mistaken for art.


I love the color combinations … and did I mention that every piece is super comfortable?


After giving us a tour they were really nice and let us take some catalogues! These ones here remind me of old magazines from the 60s!

That’s it for now! I’ll update again later with pictures from their 9th floor space! Visit their website for more pictures! Oh and I’m not sure if I was allowed to take photos but I just couldn’t resist! I hope I don’t get into any trouble … it’s just that I wanted to share this with everybody!

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Kimi ni todoke

Picture 2

I’m sorry, I know that this post is totally out of place within this blog but I LOVE this anime SO much.  The story is so simple and I just love the way they depict all the different sides of Sawako!  I also really liked Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 which was also really special but this one I like the most.

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Fluffy Pillows for your home!

Just take a look at these super cute home products from Donna Wilson!

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