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Kimi ni todoke

Picture 2

I’m sorry, I know that this post is totally out of place within this blog but I LOVE this anime SO much.  The story is so simple and I just love the way they depict all the different sides of Sawako!  I also really liked Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 which was also really special but this one I like the most.


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I spy …

I think it is about time we embraced the spirt of the Beijing Olympics … with this amazing (FAKE) security camera!  “This realistic looking detector camera uses a motion detector to rotate, following movement like a real security cam.”  Let’s create some unnecessary panic!

Buy this at Urban Outfitters!

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1-2-3 ‘How-To’ poster


I love a little DIY sometimes … sock puppets aren’t really my thing but I really  like how the instructions are illustrated! Made by ‘Monster-Munch‘ visit their blog to see images of the ones they made!

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Etsy Find: Teapot

JuJuToo’s Retro Tea Pot … it is so pretty!!!!!

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Peanut fight

I never eat peanuts … but yesterday I was so hungry I gave in … I just wish I had this at the time …


(found via google images)

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If you … me, I’ll … you.


I like this postcard by L2 Design Collective … (via)

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A Weekend in Macau: Old Buildings

While on ‘holiday’ in Macau with my boyfriend, we came across some pretty interesting buildings.  I love run down buildings … there is just something special about them.  Maybe it is because they are all unique in the way that they have decayed … to me they are a record of time … maybe the times weren’t particularly glamorous but (as lame as it sounds) each one still tells its own story

All photos taken by me!

June 16, 2008 at 6:56 am 1 comment

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